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The coating industry, with a long history spanning centuries, is firmly established. EnCoat collaborates with numerous university and industrial partners to drive the industry towards a sustainable future.

EnCoat collaborates to transform industry. The antifouling industry is primarily led by a handful of established coating manufacturers and specialty chemical companies.
EnCoat actively collaborates across the entire supply chain, aiming to set a new standard by popularising its innovative solutions as the industry norm.

EnCoat turns research into reality. Serving as a vital bridge between universities and the coating industry, with a history of numerous R&D collaborations with leading institutions.
These partnerships encompass prestigious universities such as the Technical University of Denmark, Chalmers University of Technology, Roskilde University, and Sultan Qaboos
University in Oman.

EnCoat collaborates for industry advancement. EnCoat collaborates with various external partners, providing analytical capabilities and expertise. The development of EnCoat has received support from the Danish Maritime Fund

EnCoat, a member of the Scanventure group, is a research and technology organisation committed to enhancing antifouling coating solutions for superior efficiency, environmental sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.
Our mission is to bridge the gap between university research and industry implementation, ensuring that cutting-edge research translates into practical reality.

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”Many solutions in the maritime industry are at least a decade away due to development, approvals, and general obstacles causing delays. However, EnCoat’s solution is functional today!
It holds the potential to not only protect the oceans but also make the solution more cost-effective.”

Andreas Møgelhøj

Andreas Møgelhøj
CEO, PhD, Chemistry
& Physics


Andreas, a visionary communicator and leader with a background in chemistry and physics, spent two years as a graduate student at Stanford University. With over a decade of experience in complex B2B sales within the chemical industry.

Birte Høgh Andersen
Research Technician


Birte, our lab technician, brings over 40 years of expertise in coating production and laboratory work. She’s the go-to person in the lab, renowned for her extensive knowledge and problem-solving skills.

Coating Scientist


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Cillian Allen
Research Chemist


Cillian, our lab expert, holds a Master of Science in Chemistry. He’s a pivotal team member, spearheading the production of aerogel encapsulation and contributing significantly to our development processes.

Eva Wallström
CTO and Inventor


Eva, the driving force behind the invention, is
a material physicist with over 40 years of experience in coatings. She is a well-established and highly respected figure in the coating industry, boasting strong connections with top coating manufacturers and prominent specialty chemical companies.

Jacob Erik Holmblad
Chairman of the Board

Jacob, our diplomat, boasts a distinguished career at the forefront of the Danish Public Sector. He adeptly manages diplomacy between public sectors and businesses and has held board positions in over 20 companies.

Ole Andersen
Board Member

Ole, our startup expert, has successfully guided over 5 companies from startup to exit. He is a fundraising specialist.

Lars Ole Kornum
Founder and Main Owner

Lars Ole, a business mogul, is a former CEO of the Danish Technological Institute and a former McKinsey consultant. He holds a doctorate in chemistry and coatings from the University of Lund. Lars Ole has a successful track record of aiding companies in crisis with turnarounds and has guided over 10 startups from inception to exit/IPO.

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100+ years of industry experience and network

100+ years of industry experience and network