Coatings using our technology has consistently demonstrated performance equal to or better than the traditional commercial coating in numerous static panel tests conducted over the years.
These tests included benchmarking against no coating and various commercial reference coatings under a range of marine conditions, including pH, seawater temperature, salinity, and challenging fouling conditions like those in Oman, Middle East.
The technology has been successfully integrated into widely used binder systems, including rosin acrylic, zinc acrylate, and silyl acrylate.

A patch test on a Home Guard marine vessel in Denmark demonstrated our additive’s effectiveness, maintaining a fouling-free vessel hull for up to 3 years. Two patches of our yacht coating were applied in May 2020, with inspections in March 2021 and April 2022, plus a follow-up in 2023. In 2021, both patches remained clean. After docking in 2022, algae growth occurred only on the port side, easily removable from the coating. The starboard side, coated with a commercial product, had visible algae growth. In 2023, one patch was fouling-free, while the other had initial barnacle formation, both on the yacht patch coating and on the neighbouring commercial marine coating. This outcome underscores our ultra-low biocide yacht coating’s impressive performance compared to higher biocide marine antifouling coatings.

A patch test conducted on a Home Guard marine vessel in Denmark showcased the effectiveness of this additive in maintaining a fouling-free vessel hull for up to 3 years. The antifouling coating used was a yacht-type binder system, and it performed just as effectively as the commercially available marine-type coating on the rest of the vessel.

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Patch after 3 years

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Since 2018, over 40 yacht owners in Denmark have tested EnCoat solutions on Danish yachts. Photos shared by satisfied boat owners reveal the absence of biofouling, and even when compared directly to commercial products, EnCoat solutions consistently deliver superior results.

”I was amazed by how clean the boat’s bottom was. Previously, I had to rely on high-pressure water and a scraper. With this new coating, all I needed was a soft brush, a bucket of water, and a hose. I’m grateful to EnCoat for the opportunity to test it, and I definitely plan to use it in the future.”

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